Work with healthcare professionals, medical equipment vendors, and general software makers. Some of our customers have reservations in disclosing where their application were developed or being maintained, often we work with corporations to small companies in a stealth mode, and also bound by Non-disclosure agreements. Our customers are in the U.S, AUS, and also, in E.U & others continents (DICOM products). Here is a partial list of our customers.

Hired - Software Development Services

The inpatient Specialists, DBA is a busy inpatient facility in TX, U.S. (web access restricted)

Advanced Medical Analysis, LLC is a multi-facility clinical laboratory in CA, U.S.
Universal Medical Systems, Inc is a 32 years old medical equipment vendor and service company for veterinary and human ultrasound machines in NY, U.S.
BrightArch AS is a mega resource allocator system enterprise for merger and acquisition in Oslo, Norway.
Networking Technology, Inc. is a leader in electronic medical records, practice management, electronic prescribing, based in MD, U.S.
Columbia Imaging, Inc. is a supplier of imaging equipment as C-ARMS, C-ARMS tables, and a service provider for the medical diagnostic imaging community since 1991, based in CO, U.S.

Retail Software Products

Our flag-ship product DicomBurn is now graduated to its independent website. Please visit for details, and our customers worldwide.


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