Nativate Systems actively develop Healthcare IT projects such as EMR, EHR, HL7 Interfaces & PACS Systems. With detailed implementation of Health Informatics standards and protocols for HL7, DICOM and HIPAA, to-date, we developed different types of medical software for human and veterinary diagnosis applications. Created ground-up system design, installation procedure, detailed deployment instructions and post development support. Proudly work with people like you - the Doctors, IT Managers for Hospitals and Software firms.

About Nativate Systems and Our Mission

Started in 2005 as a general software development consultancy, Nativate Systems transitioned into a specialized medical software development service provider to develop practical medical software solutions faster and better, offering a wider range of software interoperability that are platform-independent, supporting customer's choice on windows or other integrated development environment on Web, Desktop, Tablets, and Smartphones.

We promote projects, not orders. Develop projects with passion, dedication and commitment – the ingredients we believe in an essential for a mutually beneficial partnership.

We maintain existing & developed applications, such as, for past five years we maintain a Patient Management System that was developed by us for an Inpatient facility in TX, U.S. or a PACS System for a Veterinary Imaging equipment vendor in NY, U.S, that we developed and maintain for past seven years.

Ask Nativate Systems without limitations for your personal or commercial projects. Although attribution is very much appreciated, it is not required. For clinical & personal data privacy and protection, we adhere to HIPPA business associate agreement.


At Nativate Systems members of our team will be always participating actively and collaboratively with project coordinators.

We shall continue to maintain, improve our service and commitment to new technology implementation as they occur by discussions in a project framework.

Nevertheless, sometimes there might be requirements not directly related to a specific Healthcare IT application, require an Idea > Concept > Specification > Product Development. In all such cases too, do not hesitate to get in touch with us :)


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