How to make your software HL7 compliant

There is a rush in connecting, sharing data between various healthcare systems. Systems developed earlier did not know or care about standards like HL7, DICOM, HIPPA etc. So the manager one morning decides make it a 'complaint'. That sometimes might be less to do with the applications' interoperability but more of a tag that the marketing department likes to see on it. We were asked like this -
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HL7 basics

If you would wonder what is HL7, is it a device or a software. The answer is, HL7 is a set of best practices on how your medical data should be organized; and how that data could be shared between different healthcare systems on demand. A very short answer also could be - HL7 is a very specific structure of data in a file format or database, that may contain, patient demographics, medical exam results, clinical records etc.

HL7 messaging


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